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Breadsticks manufacturer - Italian Grissini Pangiorno is the world leader brand of breadstick, our products are an elegant customized Italian traditional appetizer for restaurant, pubs, VIP clubs before lunch or dinner. The Pangiorno breadstick product was created thinking to offer you a perfect snack made in Italy with a great packaging ready for business to business distribution in supermarkets, retailers chain, we offer private label for food manufacturers

Whole wheat biscuits manufacturing industry

Pangiorno breadsticks is an Italian snacks brand, appetizers packed for B2B supermarket distributors, long shelf life... at Manufacturing Pricing for wholesalers

Sour cream cookies manufacturer


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"Breadstick with Garlic & Herbs" a perfect Italian appetizer snack full of fragrance excelent for relaxing time in family of with friends before dinner, traditional Italian "Grissini" to the Global Distribution Market

"Pangiorno" (Everyday Bread) the best selection of Italian traditional breadstick snacks in an elegant box ready for wholesale food distributors

Pangiorno products for B2B market


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Direct contacto to the biscuits manufacturerItalian biscuits manufacturing suppliers to the food business to business distribution in USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Albania, Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, China, South Corea, Belgium, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Holland markets

"Classic Italian Breadstick" an appetizer with a bread taste ready to eat anytime before lunch or dinner at home or restaurant, the Italian "Grissini" now available for wholesalers of food supermarkets Apply for Distribution

"Breadstick with Pizza Taste" Italian appetizer snack full of pizza flavor excelent before dinner or whenever you need some special Italian touch to increase energy, the traditional made in Italy "Grissini" Become our Partner

Produzione biscotti Italiani per prima colazione, biscotti d'esportazione


Fabrica Italiana de galletas ideal para distribuidores al por mayor en Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, California Estados Unidos, Florida, Tejas, Costa Rica, Barcelona, Madrid y Valencia en Espana


"Rosemary Italian Breadstick" an appetizer with a perfect taste for anytime before lunch or dinner at home or restaurant, created to support the United States of America wholesale food dealers Apply for Distribution

"Breadstick with sesame taste" Italian snack bread with sesame taste excelent for occassions whenever you need to increase your power, a traditional made in Italy "Grissini with Sesamo" Become our Partner in your Country







MADE IN ITALY PRODUCTION SYSTEM to create, to prepare and to offer the very best VIP biscuits of the Italian tradition to the worldwide business to business (B2B) distribution of the food market, our company main goal it's to create a perfect synergy between our manufacturing facilities, our products and distributors supporting them in each country of the world... We offer high quality biscuits, international customer services at Manufacturing Pricing.

  Italian biscuits and food preparation techniques to the wholesale industry Made in Italy biscuits and brakfast food tradition to the wholesale industrial distribution High tecnology industrial biscuits manufacturing facilities to produce the traditional Italian cookies
  High end technology to create the best Italian chocolates biscuits of the world Industrial manufacturing facilities for breakfast chocolate biscuits Chocolate biscuits manufacturing industry for wholesale distributors

Italian biscuits manufacturer and organic food cookies manufacturing industry to the United States of America (US), Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Spain, China distributors




BISCUITS FONTANA PRODUCTION FOR 2016 - 2017 FOOD MARKET we are glad to launch, to the worldwide B2B food distributors industry, the very best Italian biscuits formats to increase your wholesale business market.. we offer high quality Italian cookies also at Private Label Conditions

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Classic biscuits frollini with sour cream

Classic Frollini granulated sugar topping

Biscuits with cereal and fruits

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Biscuits Cantucci with dark chocolate chips

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Biscuits Cantucci with almond 21%

Classic cookies sugar free

Classic biscuits with chocolate chips

Biscuits with cereal and cacao beans




Tedesco Group srl is one of the most important Italian manufacturer of biscuits for breakfast, wellness industry, food distribution suppliers, kids food product manufacturing, using biscuits new industrial technology offering private label for manufacturers. Our mission is to produce the biscuits food products for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East including private label for following market: Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta, Ohio in the USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Perý, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai UAE, Kuwait, GCC, Qatar, Thailand, Korea, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Albania, Romania, Thailand, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay,... supporting the biscuits and food supermarket business to business distribution worldwide.

  Italian industrial manufacturing facilities to produce the best world breakfast biscuits, 70 years producing and supporting worldwide distributors

Made in Italy cookies manufacturing industry and breakfast food cookies manufacturer industry using ingredients made in Italy to the United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Spain, China, South Corea, Australia, Norway,... for food wholesale distribution


FOR INFO AND CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL: +39.333.6371.644 / +39.340.587.3196


British food safety certification valid for United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Sauid Arabia, Oman, Egypt, Iran, Malasya, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Philipines, Vietnam, Australia, Unites States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, Ireland, England, Austria, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, Finland,... markets Made in Italy organic product certificate We handle the roundtable sustainable palm oil use International Featured Standard (IFS) Food as a globally recognised safety food certification SGS food safety certification for biscuits production

BRC Food Safety Certificate

Italian organic Certification

Roundtable sustainable palm oil

IFS Food Safety Certificate

SGS standard for Food Safety

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Italian biscuits manufacturer and organic food cookies manufacturing industry using ingredients made in Italy to the United States of America (USA), Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, England, Austria, Portugal, Spain, China, South Corea, Australia, Norway,... for food wholesale distribution




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